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Accelerated Reader

Renaissance Learning gives educators the tools and information they need to dramatically improve academic performance for students of all ages and ability levels. They promote the world's most popular reading management software used in schools, Accelerated Reader. This program helps motivate students to dramatically increase the reading of books. Website:

Astronomy IL. Bears (Level 1) - IR Big Pig On A Dig
Bugs (Level 1) - (IR) Caterpillars and Butterflies - IR (Level 1) Cats (Level 1) - IR
Dinosaurs IR.. Dogs IR (Rev) Eggs and Chicks - IR (Level 1)
Fox Fox on a Box Going to the Dentist.
Going to the Doctor Goose on the Loose Half of an Elephant
Hen's Pens Horses and Ponies (Level 1) - IR Jack Russell: Dog Detective (Book #1), Dog Den Mystery
Jack Russell: Dog Detective (Book #2), The Phantom Mudder Jack Russell: Dog Detective (Book #3), The Mugged Pug Jack Russell: Dog Detective (Book #4), The Lying Postman
Jack Russell: Dog Detective (Book #5), The Awful Pawful Jack Russell: Dog Detective (Book #6), The Sausage Situation Jack Russell: Dog Detective (Book #7), The Buried Biscuits
Jack Russell: Dog Detective (Book #8), The Kitnapped Creature Learning to Fly Living in Space (Level 2) - IR
Marc Just Couldn't Sleep My Cat Copies Me New Baby, The
On a Pirate Ship On The Moon On the Seashore
Pirates (Level 2) - IR Planes IR Planet Earth (Level 2) - (IR)
Robin Hood, Tales of Shark in the Park Singing to the Sun
Something for School Sosu's Call Sun, Moon and Stars (Level 2) - IR
Tadpoles and Frogs - IR (Level 1) Ted in a Red Bed The Big Little Book of Happy Sadness
The Story of Cherry the Pig Toad Makes a Road True Ghost Stories
Under the Sea (Level 1) - IR Volcanoes (Level 2) - IR Weather (Level 2) - IR
Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge