Press Release

EDC Reports January Sales Climb

February 6, 2001

Randall W. White, President and CEO of Educational Development Corporation, reports that sales in the Home Business Division continue to expand for the seventh consecutive month.  Sales in that division were up 18% for the quarter ended November 30, 2000 compared to the same period for the previous year.  December 2000 increased 29% and January 2001 increased 32% compared to the same periods for the previous years.  The January sales were the largest in history for the Home Business Division for that month.  White also reports a 108% increase in new recruits for January 2001 over January 2000 in the Home Business Division.

Sales in the Publishing Division, which sells to retail stores, were also up 15% for January.  The combined increase for the two divisions resulted in the second highest sales in the history of the Company for January.

Educational Development Corporation sells the Usborne line of children's books through its multi-level sales organization, through 10,000 retail stores and over the Internet.  The Company recently launched The Next Usborne Revolution, Non-Fiction for the Internet Generation.  A new generation of books linked to 1,000 fascinating web sites specially selected to enhance text entries with animation and sound, film clips, interactive games online, experiments and revision aids.  These unique products are unlike any on the market today and the Company expects wide spread acceptance.