Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Company does not provide a direct stock purchase plan. You can purchase stock in EDC (NASDAQ: EDUC) through a broker.
Sometimes. EDC paid its first dividend in August 1987 and paid dividends until the end of fiscal year 2017, at which time we suspended dividends due to our rapid growth and the need to reinvest earnings in growing our inventory. We continue to evaluate, on a regular basis, the reinstatement of a dividend.
No. There is no dividend reinvestment plan at this time.
Telephone our transfer agent, American Stock Transfer & Trust Company, at 1-800-937-5449 and request an affidavit of lost certificate. American Stock Transfer & Trust Company charges a fee of a percentage of the current market value plus a $15.00 administrative fee to replace lost certificates.
Contact the Company's stock transfer agent.

    American Stock Transfer & Trust Company
    40 Wall Street
    46th Floor
    New York, NY 10005
    Phone: 800-937-5449
You can view annual and quarterly reports online by selecting the Company Reports link from the links toolbar on this page or you can request a copy by mail by clicking here.